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    Variety that pleases.
    Quality surprising


    To be here, it was to be tasty.

    Grains, Cereals, Pastas, Canned goods, Sweets, Beverages.

    Carefully selected ingredients do ensure the success of each meal.

    We permanently hold a comprehensive range of dry provision to meet the expectations of quality for cargo, navy, cruise, and offshore industries.Our purchasing departments source products from all over the globe to ensure that the correct balance of price and quality is always achieved.

    Fresh Produce

    It’s all very fresh and coming straight from the farm. Extensive variety of fruits and vegetables (fresh and frozen).

    The items in this section are checked daily and only what is perfect comes to you.

    Frozen Goods

    Prime quality cuts of meat from 100% reliable suppliers.

    Beef; Pork meat; Chicken; Various types of fish and seafood.

    Meat, poultry and seafood are always the best choice available.

    Bonded Store

    We have a wide variety of private products, including cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, chocolates and various other foods. We provide everything the crew requests.

    Cleaning materials

    We provide all types of cleaning materials and equipment that the ships need. We offer a wide variety of items for ships calling Ports at Southeast of Brazil.

    Deck material

    We follow the international catalogs to identify ISSA and IMPA codes, to identify and combine all items, consequently, facilitating both sides and clearly understanding the customer’s needs for successful delivery the equipment and material requested on board.

    Electric material

    With products available we are ready to serve and guarantee competitive prices for electrical materials. We work 24 hours a day with a special logistics for urgent deliveries, do not hesitate to contact us for quotes.

    Safety Equipment

    It is essential that ships have fire safety products and suitable rescue equipment on board. Thus, it maintains the safety of ships and ensures regulatory compliance. We can supply all safety equipment and devices available on the market.


    Whether you are looking for nautical supplies for a merchant ship, cruise ship or offshore, Navsupply can help you 24 hours a day.

    Original products with certified suppliers. It is mean quality, guaranteed security.

    Charts and Publications; Navigation instruments, routing graphs, log books, BHF GPS, UHF radio.

    Parts; Tools; Filters; Deck materials and cleaning;

    Navigation Equipment; PPE; Salvage; Oil containment booms.


    With our trucks fleet and qualified employees to fully support the handling of special cargo, such as chemicals and gases. We guarantee the smooth operation of the vessels and the safety of the crew.


    We prepare, plan and execute each stage of the offshore supply process, with detailed logistics.

    We have suitable vehicles for transporting the items and we have easy tracking of each delivery through different communication channels.

    Supply performed with precision at the agreed time.

    Maximum quality in all aspects for you to go smoothly to your destination.